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Bessie Jute Tote Bag. Scientists are also trying to plant it.

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I hope they do so. I've been using this for several years now and I've had no trouble with it what-so-ever. When you feel that the sorting sacks are a touch dingy, you just take the hanging rods out and toss 'em through the wash. It's a good size, and each sack holds almost 2 loads worth of laundry, if that helps any.

I know that some people said that it had an overwhelming odor, but come on people What else were you expecting?? Another review mentioned it was flimsy and couldn't be wheeled around the house I honestly don't think that was the intention when they designed the wheels for it. They're on there so that you can either pull it out from the wall a little or from under a counter.

So I've had no issues. I'd certainly buy this product again if I had to. I ordered two of these at the same time. We need more organization in the laundry department. The sorters are beautiful, as described. The three divided bins are adequate size to sort the laundry for the purposes I need.

My main drawback is assembly. They open up and have a metal rack that sits in the base to keep them square and stable.

This rack is about an inch too small all around and won't sit on the tiny metal triangles intended to hold it in place. We used plastic zip ties to anchor the base in place. The downside of this solution is that the hampers are now not collapsible without scissors to cut the ties and more ties to reassemble when put back together. I don't really anticipate needing to collapse them unless I move long distance and have to pack them.

For us, this was not a deal breaker, but definitely an inconvenience. It certainly wasn't worth returning them for this inconvenience, but for someone who needed them to collapse away, this might be an issue.

One person found this helpful. I don't understand why so many people are unhappy with this product. It suits my needs just fine. I wanted something that didn't look like a plastic laundry hamper, plus I wanted a lid to hide the laundry. This was the only one I found that would fit in my narrow laundry room. I did not use the wheels and it seems sturdy enough to me.

It doesn't seem like it would be less sturdy with the wheels on, but I could be wrong. This fits all of our laundry, except bedspreads, which is understandable for it's size.

I think each section fits about a normal size load for a standard washing machine. I have a large heavy duty washing machine and it can fit 1. Usually once a section is full I know it is time to do a load and I can find other things around the house to make a full load My cats were very interested in the hamper at first, but now they ignore it.

I was worried that it would become a new scratching post. The smell of the seagrass was only mild in my opinion and now it is very faint. I find the smell outdoorsy, not objectionable.

The first hamper came with one of the legs broken off. I filled out the form on Amazon and they sent UPS the next day to pick it up with their own packing slip. Two days later I received the new hamper which was in perfect condition.

I found this hamper on a few other websites under a different name, but Amazon had the best price. It only took four minutes to put together. I pack it full everyday and take clothes in and out every day, even my husband's heavy duty industrial work clothes, and it still looks the same as the day I bought it.

I have not had any problems with this hamper. My husband did put a small puncture in it a few months ago with a screwdriver totally his fault and if it ever begins to show wear in that spot I will happily purchase this hamper again! I am actually considering purchasing another one to put some of my daughter's toys in.

See all reviews. See all customer images. Grooved Basketry Bases - Rectangle. Grooved Basketry Bases - Round. Grooved Basketry Bases - Square. Grooved Basketry Bases - Triangle. Handles - D Handles. Advanced Beginner A simple to weave 12" melon basket uses 3 point lashing instead of a God's eye for simple addition of the ribs.

Kit makes 2 - 12" baskets. This basket features coordinating dyed reed accents, leather strap and embellishment. The simple style show off the beautiful leather handles. Woven on a grooved base this tote is strong enough for anything you can carry. A single bottle wine tote that weave up quickly. Woven on a grooved base with dyed bead grape design. JB-Designs reserves the right to substitute dyed reed with availability.

Using smoked reed, seagrass and yarn, this weaves up to be a great natural hide-a-way for the birds. Designed for the holiday season this unique, yet simple basket can be woven in any color-for any season. The spokes crisscross to create the design. The size allows it many uses from fruit to dinner rolls. Basket is accented with seagrass, dyed reed and a stenceled accent strip.

Highest first In stock. Browse the mobile site. Certified b-corporation World Retail Awards Finalist. Contact Account cart cart 0 cart 0. Choose reusable for pleasure, practicality and the planet. Seagrass Popup Basket - Medium. Biome Organic Cotton Bread Bag. Real Green bag made from jute.

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Wicker ROLLING 3 BAG wicker laundry hamper made from hand-woven seagrass HINGED LID to hide three removable and washable cotton laundry bag liners – Wash laundry bags in cold water only. To access Seagrass-Watch news archives Click Here. This page includes news articles of international and national interest. Seagrass-Watch HQ does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any news material contained on this page or on any linked site. Handwoven by artisans, this natural seagrass basket bag is perfect for everything from sunny holidays to trips to the farmer’s market. It has an unusual rounded shape, with a flattened base so you can still put it down when you’re not carrying it by the two top handles. We’ve ensured no loose ends or rough edges so that the finish is smooth against skin and clothing.